Alpaca is going to be the next diamond fibre with its soft touch on the world

Alpacas come from the Peruvian highlands, they are used to the harsh environment and can easily adjust to their circumstances. Compared to cashmere goats, alpacas have a better footprint on the environment due to their soft padded feet that leave no impact on the grasslands.
Furthermore, they also cut the grass with their teeth leaving the roots unharmed on the grasslands. Moreover, alpaca yarn is better than cashmere because one alpaca is needed to make four sweaters, compared to needing four goats to make one sweater. This is one of the reasons why there are too many goats in the Mongolian grassland causing fast track of the desertification.

The alpaca fibre is soft, smooth and most importantly it feels great on the skin. The microscopic air pockets in the fibre provide great insulation and at the same time makes the fibre breathable, both aspects make the fibre great for both seasons.

Another benefit close to the heart of the founder is that alpaca is hypoallergenic, therefore, lanolin free which means achy free for the ones who are allergic to sheep wool like Madina.

Alpacas come in a range of natural colours, which makes it possible to choose from almost more than 20 different natural colour shades- from ivory, brown until completely black.


These are the reasons why we love alpaca and is our main fibre quality in our collection!